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    Services Checklist

    • Human Resources Administration
    • Human Resources Consulting & Support
    • Payroll Administration
    • Employee Benefits
    • Employment Regulatory Compliance
    • Human Resources Information System
    • Customized Training Strategies Program
    • Workers Compensation Administration
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Employment Practices Liability Insurance


    Why should my company outsource HR?

    Outsourcing your HR needs frees key personnel from the paperwork and complex issues of HR administration, therefore allowing your employees to focus on generating income.

    What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

    A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization to which companies outsource a majority of their HR functions, i.e. Payroll, benefits, workers compensation, tax administration, etc. By outsourcing these needs to the PEO, companies are freeing up time to dedicate to the nuts and bolts of their business. A client forms a co-employment relationship with the PEO, in which the PEO becomes the administrative employer or the employer of record for tax and insurance purposes utilizing their own FEIN, and the client remains the worksite employer. As the employer of record the PEO is responsible for the payment of wages, management of workers’ compensation claims, regulatory paperwork, compliance issues, and a variety of other administrative duties involving the employees, and may provide the client and/or its worksite employees with additional insurance and benefit plans. The PEO may offer consulting on HR needs such as proper disciplinary needs and termination of employees, but the client remains responsible for directing and controlling the daily activities of the worksite employees, as well as maintaining a safe work environment, and keeping track or actual hours worked and reporting those hours to the PEO for payroll processing.

    What is an HRO?

    HRO stands for Human Resources Outsourcing. With an HRO agreement you are contracting with HR Strategies to facilitate one or more of your human resource functions, under your own FEIN, and not under a co-employment model.

    What Types of Companies Use HR Strategies?

    Businesses of every industry and any size can find the use of HR Strategies helpful in allowing their company to run smoother.

    Why should businesses contract with HR Strategies?

    The three main advantages to using HR Strategies as a PEO are: efficiency, lower administrative costs, and improved employee benefit options. As a business these three advantages mean better productivity, morale, and increased revenue! HR Strategies relieves you from the complex HR matters of benefits, workers’ compensation claims, payroll, tax administration, regulatory compliance, etc., and by doing so we reduce your overhead. In addition, with our ability to pool our clients together we are able to offer savings in both workers compensation coverage and employee benefits, along with greater options in coverage. When your employees are receiving better benefits and skilled professionals to assist them, morale increases, and therefore productivity increases!

    How is HR Strategies different than other PEO’s?

    HR Strategies really goes above and beyond to take those extra steps to manage our client’s HR responsibilities. We work alongside our clients, rather than just doing the minimum of what is required to offer regulatory compliance, workers’ compensation administration, employee benefits, and payroll. We act more as a partner to our clients, and because we are a smaller business, we are able to customize solutions for each individual client. Our staff of professionals knows each client by name and corresponds with them on a regular basis. We have a vested interest in making our clients feel secure in their partnership with us, and continue to always have an open door policy at our location. Our clients know we will listen if they have questions or concerns, and we will do our best to get a resolution thanks to the continued persistence and dedication of their Strategic Account Management Team. HR Strategies as a whole continues to provide the best team service to their clients, and one way that we do this is by building a true personal partnership in assigning dedicated staff to each client. Every client can expect to have their own Strategic Account Management Team, dedicated to the boutique HR solutions that we have contracted with them.

    Will We Be Locked into a Contract?

    HR Strategies offers a contract that is beneficial to both parties, and which can be discontinued at any point with a 30 day written notice. However, we feel that you will be completely satisfied with the service that we provide, and that rather than cancelling we will be involved in a long lasting partnership!

    Can I choose which services I want to use with HR Strategies?

    HR Strategies is proud to be able to offer you customizable boutique style solutions to meet the individual needs of your company. As a client of HR Strategies you are able to contract for the services that you explicitly need, and may choose either a PEO or HRO arrangement.

    Who is responsible for our employee's wages and employment taxes under the PEO services arrangement? What about the HRO arrangement?

    Under the PEO arrangement HR Strategies administers payment of wages to employees and payment of taxes to the proper agencies, under our FEIN number. However, the client is responsible for providing the funds to cover the wages and taxes, as included on their invoice.

    What is EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)?

    Employment Liability Practices Insurance protects and employer from various legal and third party actions that could jeopardize the financial wellbeing of their company. As your administrative partner, we understand this exposure and have taken steps to give you financial protection. Each client is covered by a $1,000,000.00 Employment Practices Liability insurance policy. This policy is underwritten by Lloyds of London and covers each client for the legal defense and damages for employment related claims such as unlawful discrimination, harassment, or civil rights violations.

    What is an EAP (Employment Assistance Program)?

    An Employee Assistance Program is a program designed to identify and assist employees, through a variety of services, in resolving personal problems (e.g., marital, financial or emotional problems; family issues; substance/alcohol abuse) that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance. Services may include:

    Counseling Services Face-to-face assessment, short term counseling, referral and follow-up for alcohol and drug problems, work related difficulties, marriage and family issues, and emotional and psychological problems * counseling offices located conveniently to your employees * 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, toll-free telephone access to mental health professionals * case management that includes coordinating referrals to resources beyond the EAP, when needed.

    Work/Life Services Childcare information and referrals for all types of childcare, camps and schools; includes vacancy checks *Eldercare information and referrals; includes vacancy checks. *Adoption resources. * Legal consultation provided by attorneys and simple Wills prepared at no cost. Clients are entitled to a complete review with comments on any legal document that is up to 6 pages. Plan attorneys will make a phone call or write a letter on behalf of a client if it will resolve the legal problem. A twenty-five percent discount off attorney’s hourly rate for legal services rendered beyond the EAP is provided. *Financial consultation regarding debt matters, investment options, money management and retirement planning. *Academic resources that include customized profiles of K-12 schools, tutoring referrals for academic assistance. *Pet care services that offer a custom listing of breeders, groomers, walkers, sitters, kennels, and veterinarians.

    Online Services Legal/Financial online resource library that offers numerous articles on important legal and financial matters. Also included is a Legal Document Library that provides examples of commonly used legal documents. *Behavioral Health online resource library that provides practical information to help with relationships, stress, depression, job issues, parenting, addictive disorders, and wellness. *Smoking cessation programs that include comprehensive information and free resources.

    Management and Organizational Services Unlimited consultation to supervisors and managers regarding employees with job performance, attendance and conduct problems *Care management and monitoring of progress through EAP and as well as all treatment when an employee is referred by management for job/substance abuse problems *Unlimited critical incident stress debriefings conducted on-site for traumatic incidents

    Program Promotion and Training Promotional materials including EAP brochures, wallet cards, newsletters, posters, and supervisory guidebooks *Web-based employee orientation and supervisory training *Onsite financial seminars on money management, retirement planning and saving for college.

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