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    HR Consulting for Fitness

    The overall goal of the fitness industry is to help people lead more healthy and fit lives. However, in that pursuit, sometimes employees within the industry can suffer work-related injuries. When you’re evaluating HR companies, you want to make sure that the one you partner with has your best interests in mind. HR Strategies’ mission is to provide world class human resource solutions through people, process, and technology which allow our clients the freedom to focus on their core business. There are a variety of fitness industry businesses ranging in size from single operators to large corporations. Our focus in making sure that small businesses have everything that need even if they don’t have the capacity to have their own HR department. Small business owners, like those in the fitness industry, can partner with HR companies to ensure that their needs are completely taken care of when it comes to difficult aspects of operating a business.

    Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Risk Management can be a real nightmare for employers. Making sure that a work environment is safe and in compliance with federal and state regulations, and that employees are following strict safety guidelines by governing authorities, is just the beginning of all that is involved in the realm of Workers’ Compensation. The fitness industry, in particular, is at a higher risk for employees suffering some type of work-related injury – depending on how intensely employees are involved in training. Do you own a jiu-jitsu location and employ several instructors? You’ll want to make sure your coverage is adequate so that if the worst happens during a demonstration of this popular martial art, your business isn’t at risk. Employers must also look at the cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and the amount of time, paperwork, and potential loss involved in a claim. As a small to medium sized business, do you really have the time and personnel to handle these issues?

    HR Strategies can help improve the work environment and make it safer by focusing on workplace risk management, safety programs, and good human resource practices. HR Strategies is here to arrange workers’ compensation coverage with major insurance carriers, provide our clients with training on safety and government compliance in regards to workers’ compensation and risk management, and manage the complexity of claims – especially when it comes to the fitness industry.

    As employers, our clients should be focused on growing their business and increasing their profit margin. Partnering with HR companies like HR Strategies gives them the chance to do just that, by reducing the amount of paperwork that can be brought on by workers’ compensation claims. Through our PEO model, we are able to pool several client’s employees together allowing for better coverage at a reduced cost. We are also able to provide our clients with first class risk management and safety training to enable them to reach and maintain government compliance. HR Strategies is a perfect solution to your workers’ compensation needs.

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