HR Strategies Workers’ Comp Case Study

HR Strategies Provides Swift Assistance in Workers’ Compensation Injury

Challenges: HR Strategies offers a variety of human resource solutions to their clients.  One of the most sought after solutions by clients is Workers’ Compensation administration. Through Workers’ Compensation administration, HR Strategies is able to aid their clients with not only procurement and management, but also with claims administration among other facets of WC.  The wide range of WC administration services recently provided a client peace of mind and ease in handling an injury.  HR Strategies’ client had an employee that fell at work on a Saturday, resulting in multiple injuries.  In pain, the employee became frustrated wondering where he could go for treatment without having to wait in an emergency room for hours, and without having to pay for the treatment out of pocket since he did not have the insurance carrier information with him. In addition to the employees pain and fret over out of pocket expenses, the employee was concerned that if he was not able to see a doctor that day that he would end up missing time from work and future wages. Solution: The supervisor remembered that as a client of HR Strategies he had been given a card, which he kept in his wallet, instructing him on what to do in case of an injury.  As the card instructed, he called the 24- hour claims reporting number and was able to make contact with HR Strategies to assist with the claim.  The injured employee was directed to an Urgent Care facility near his work and was able to receive prompt attention for his injuries.  HR Strategies was available to authorize the visit and provide the office with carrier information; as well as to verify the injury for the pharmacy to process the prescriptions. Results: By the client allowing HR Strategies to perform their workers’ compensation administrative needs and claims management, an injured employee was able to receive prompt medical attention and return to work the next business day. Not only did this benefit the employee, with no actual time lost from work; but also the employer as the overall cost of the claim was minimal and there was no loss in productivity or profit.

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