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HR Strategies Aids in DOL Audit

Challenges: HR Strategies supplies a variety of human resource solutions to many different client companies, including HR consulting and regulatory compliance. For many companies, the thought of a DOL audit can be stressful and overwhelming. HR Strategies recently had a client, a 20 employee commercial cleaning company, who was subject to a US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Audit. HR Strategies’ client was investigated on hours worked, overtime, salaried vs. hourly status, work permits, and time cards; during which current and former employees were interviewed. The client needed to supply information and handle all requests made by the US DOL, in a timely and professional manner, while still focusing on running their business. Solution: The client notified HR Strategies of the investigation and HR Strategies was able to work closely with the client. HR Strategies provided consultation and helped manage the investigation. With the aide of HR Strategies the client was able to provide all necessary documentation on payroll data and at the same time shored up the clients current pay practices. In addition, HR Strategies staff was able to join the client to meet with the investigator in person multiple times, for a total of nearly 5 hours, thus providing the client with the reassurance of having a professional HR team on their side. Results: At the end of this vast investigation, no violations were found and no fines levied on HR Strategies’ client. The client was very appreciative of the extensive efforts made in aiding them, and stated that without HR Strategies he could not have managed this exhaustive investigation.

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